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Welcome to Mujeres en el Mariachi! This site is dedicated to the trailblazing WOMEN IN MARIACHI, beginning in Mexico City where three all-female groups set the trend for future women working in this all-male tradition. Theirs is a silent history, seen and heard yet their existence never recognized. We have a large collection of recorded interviews, photographs, and articles of these pioneering women in both Mexico and the US. We are grateful to have the opportunity to share their collections with the world.


Our Mexico City project started in August 2007. We sincerely thank mariachi historian Jon Clark (San Jose, CA) for his encouragement to take this project to fruition, and for connecting us with Antonio Covarrubias (Mexico City), who provided invaluable assistance for months prior to heading to Mexico City.


In December 2010, our search to authenticate the FIRST US all-female mariachi took us to southern Texas. We would like to personally thank John Vela for providing the contact information to interview these remarkable women.


A reminder that as more documentation is gathered and authenticated, the information we share could change as we update the site.


Lastly, we are proud to point out that just like their male counterparts, pioneering all-female mariachis toured nationally and internationally, as well as recorded TV/radio shows, caravanas/carpas and LPs.

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